Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MTC - Week Seven

Hello Again Family!
Well, it's been another week again. Lots to say so here we go.
I woke up Sunday morning with a very sore throat and I had chills all day. I felt like crap to say the least! Unfortunately I am still sick as I right this email. I went to the health clinic on Monday and they just told me to get a lot of rest, take ibuprofen, and possibly buy some medicine in the bookstore. I'm going to go there later today and see what I can find. I can also go to a pharmacy so I might check that out as well. I'll try and keep you posted the best I can about how I'm doing. I hope to be over this really soon! Thanks for the package you sent on Monday! The dictionary is very helpful, I still have the brownies, and that article about Russia/Eastern Europe was cool. The only thing I really need is an electric razor. They sell some in the bookstore for like $60.00. Is this a good price? I wish I knew where that cord went for mine. Maybe it will turn up soon.
Our lessons with Anya and Valera are going pretty good. Anya has a baptismal date now so we're excited about this! We still have probably five lessons to teach her but we don't know if we will get everything taught to her so we're just hoping for the best. And Valera is slowly progressing. We were able to more fully answer his question about why bad things happen to good people. We talked about it in class and came up with some good information and scriptures. What you sent me in the dearelder was also great. Those D&C verses are excellent and I actually used them yesterday for a different purpose in the lesson. He also asked us a difficult question about 1 Nephi 14:10 which talks about there are only two churches, the church of God and the church of the Devil. He wanted to know what the church of the devil was. We did some research and told him more about Apostasy and dispensations and that eventually the church of God became the church of man and that right now is the last dispensation wherein the church has been restored again. He said that it made sense so I think we did alright. I've learned a lot from teaching about the Spirit. One of the main things I have learned is that even when you don't feel the Spirit during the lesson, you may help someone else to do so. It's pretty cool how the Spirit works. Elder Moss and I have been trying to work on listening in our lessons. It is really hard because we have always just kind of half listened and then thought ahead to what we would say next. So we've been doing this and it is amazing how it turns out. It is a leap of faith because you never really know what you will say after listening to the investigator but you are always able to say what is needed.
Now to comment/answer questions from your dearelders!
I can't believe that we're heading out four weeks from yesterday! I am really excited but nervous at the same time. I am enjoying the music calling. Our district is going to sing this Sunday and we have decided to sing "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" I'll tell you how it turns out. It is crazy that I am doing many things in Russian already - singing, praying, teaching, and reading The Book of Mormon. Reading is hard but we all get better every time we do with pronunciation and understanding. It sounds like Brynn will have a lot on her plate with soccer this year. Hopefully the team does well this season. I am really going to try and work my hardest these last four weeks here. My district is going to start doing more SYL days (speak your language). It was brought up that a lot of us don't realize what is going to happen when we get off the plane. We aren't going to understand hardly anything and it's going to be a huge culture shock. So we really need to get serious in our remaining time and take advantage of what we've got because in a month, we're not going to know what hit us!
Thanks again for everything! Tell everyone that I love them and that I'm doing good. I'm going to try and get some pictures printed out really soon if I can get access to the machine. I hope you are doing good! Have a good week.
Love, Elder Keown

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