Monday, July 9, 2012

Where Did The Transfer Go?

Privet moyu cemyu! Ya rad slishat shto vso horosho oo vas!

Well, it has been another fast week here in the office. As you might see from the title, I didn't get a transfer call so I'll be here in the office for another 6 weeks. BUT Elder Harrison didn't get one either, so we'll be together for one more. I'm happy we get to serve together again, he's an awesome missionary. So this also means that I will most likely be here in the office for two more transfers (beginning of October) because they wouldn't transfer both missionaries out and have two new ones come in who don't know anything but we'll just wait and see I guess. So yeah, that is the current state of transfers and stuff. This upcoming week is going to be crazy because Elder Harrison is going to Bulgaria tomorrow with his group and there is a group of elders going home tomorrow so until transfer day this week I will be serving with Elder Withers, who is in his third transfer because his comp is going home. And then after transfers I will serve with the new elders getting transferred into Center Donetsk who I don't know yet until Saturday night when Harrison gets back. So I will be in charge of stuff here in the office for a week. I don't really know how to do everything and there's tons of stuff to be done with President's finances so it will be fun to figure out haha. But everything will work out somehow, it always does.

So last Wednesday we met with Vladimir and talked about baptism and his decision. HE DECIDED THAT HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!! After he told us his answer he asked "What suggestions do you have for me?" haha so we explained that there's still some things to talk about and some commandments that he needs to follow but that as he does he will be ready for baptism. We set his date for the end of this month, July 28. And then we taught him the word of wisdom. On his teaching record it says that he had problems living this law when it was taught to him because he loves to drink black tea. But at the end of the lesson when we asked him to live the word of wisdom he basically quit right on the spot and said he'd live it! We also met with him on Saturday and he brought his daughter with him. He has always told us that he has difficulties at home with his family but he'll never tell us why. Well, it turns out that his daughter is an invalid and can't live by herself so he and his wife take care of her. I'm not really sure what disease she has but things make more sense now. He said that everything he does basically depends on her so sometimes he can't come to Church but we just promised him that everything will be fine as long as he continues to put God first. He was able to come to church again yesterday and really loves coming. The topic yesterday was missionary work and he thought it was pretty amazing. Things are looking good for the end of the month with him. We have been blessed to find him and teach him. Other than this news our past week was full of finding people on the streets and working in the office. Several lessons fell through for us so we didn't achieve as many as we had hoped but we'll see what happens this upcoming week.

Now for some comments/tidbits. I'm glad that your 4th of July was fun. To celebrate here me and Elder Harrison said the national anthem and then there were fireworks from something that night so it was pretty sweet haha. (People randomly do fireworks here because there aren't really any laws about those) so yeah. Happy 4th!

I wish you all a great upcoming week! Keep on keepin' on and I'll talk to you next week!

с любовью,
старейшина каун
украинская донецкая миссия

ps- the picture is cheese soup from the office. except that yellow stuff is not cheese, that is oil. mmmm

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