Monday, November 26, 2012

Snom Blagodaren​ia sMakeevki!

Privet family!

Thanks so much for your emails, updates, and love, they really mean so much to me and I enjoy reading them every week. This week wasn't exactly as we expected but it was still a great week though. Most of our lessons canceled on us or investigators couldn't meet, so that was a little frustrating. Here's an update though of some new progress:

Valentina- We met with her on Tuesday and helped her and her less-active husband Yury set a date to quit smoking and live the Word of Wisdom on Christmas! One of her concerns as also been that she doesn't know if Thomas S. Monson is truly a prophet today and so we left her the DVD all about his life "On the Lord's Errand" to watch and she absolutely loved it and knows now that he really is a prophet. She also has a testimony that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the BOM is true. The only thing in her way is the word of wisdom and smoking. We drew out her progress on a paper with the gate of baptism leading to the temple and eternal life and Yury behind the gate waiting. She liked it and they promised to work toward Christmas to start living the word of wisdom. AND they were finally able to make it to church yesterday!! The branch fellowshipped them very well and I think they enjoyed church. Yury met with the Branch President and is starting to get worthy again because he wants to baptize Valentina. They are making great progress.

Heyleak family- Still haven't met with them since last meeting. Vera is still sick and so they don't want us to come by until she feels better. I call Sergei and talk with him to see how things are going. He's really busy with work and caring for his family but enjoys talking on the phone. He told me that I should move in with them after my mission hahaha. I told him I don't think my mom would like that very much. He wishes you all a Happy Thanksgiving. (Everyone knows about Thanksgiving here and think it's a really interesting holiday)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, mine was great, all of the Donetsk Zone got together at the office and we had a really tasty dinner. Each companionship brought something and there were tons of leftovers. We brought mashed potatoes and only half of them got touched. Elder and Sister Coleman cooked the turkeys (a member in Makeevka raised them and donated them for the dinner) and Sister Campero made some little enchilada things. It was just good to get together and eat with everyone. I still can't believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone again. A year ago I ate in Kharkov and now Donetsk and next year I'll be with you!! I read my bday cards from everyone during Thanksgiving because we got our mail. Thank you all so much for those, they were great.

Saturday we had an amazing split with the APs, Elders Mironchenko and Bolingbroke. We set a goal to get 15 new contacts, 1 referral, and a new investigator and we achieved all of them!! Plus we gave out 11 copies of the Book of Mormon. The most effective thing we did was sang hymns on the street with a box that said "Free Book with a Promise" and then two elders sang and two were talking to people. We got some families' numbers that were interested so hopefully we can get in contact with them this week. We also met with a contact off the street named Oleg and he became a new investigator. He's about 50, pretty open and believing. I'll tell you how progress goes with him. Also during the split the faucet broke and we flooded the kitchen a little bit haha. Don't worry though, we got it all under control. That's just a normal part of missionary life :)

Well that's all my time for today. I love you all and will talk to you next week!

с любовью,
Старейшина Каун
Украинская Донецкая Миссия

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