Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wait, what?

Privet family!
It's great to finally have P-day, I've got a few things to tell you haha. Well, first off, Elder Harrison and I BOTH received transfer calls last night. We're getting whitewashed! This isn't what I expected, I really wanted to stay one more but the Lord has different plans for us. Elder Groothuyzen and Newey are also whitewashing, but Elder Newey is coming to Daky so I feel good about leaving it in his hands. Hopefully him and his companion can get these people baptized. We love them so much. And Elder Carley got transferred only after one (he's not very happy) and Efoshkin's staying for number 4. Their area is on fire right now. FIVE people on date- Godwill, Dayo, Nastia (9 year old), Denis, and Lubov. I don't have tons of time to talk about them but basically all the African brothers are really catching on to the gospel. And Bonaventure got called to be a ward missionary this last Sunday. And he's applying to BYU-Idaho for next year. I will miss talking to the "brothers" each Sunday and translating for them.
Here's some updates about our investigators in Daky:
Valentina: She got a new job and hasn't been able to meet or come to church. It's rough. She knows everything is true just can't kick the smoking habit. The last I heard the branch will choose some home teachers and teach her and her husband the 12 step program and go from there. She's so close!
Yuri- We met him on Saturday and finished Plan of Salvation. We also talked about what it will take to get baptized, mainly with word of wisdom. He wants to quit drinking and smoking and really wanted to come to church but it didn't work out because of work. However, Elder Newey was with me on a split so he knows him now which will be good. He mainly just needs to get to church and meet other members to really see how the church works. His date will get moved back a little bit as well.
Heyleaks- We taught them last week with Elder and Sister Southam. We reviewed the Plan of Salvation and had everyone there except Dima. Sergei still has tons of questions. Basically he said "I grew up in the Soviet Union so all of this stuff is completely new to me. It's easy for you to say things like 'Yeah before this life we lived with God' because you've already been in the church a while. For me it's hard." BUT he still wants to keep meeting and has a desire to know if it is true. We're actually meeting him tonight for the last time before we leave tomorrow and are planning on sharing Alma 32, the whole faith process. They'll get baptized when they know its true.
We also found a new investigator, Evgenni. He's about 35 and is married with an 8 year old daughter. We met him last night and left a BOM with him. He wants to start reading and is a great guy. Unfortunately I'll never meet him again but I'll let you know the progress with him as I hear it.
I really don't want to leave Daky, it's been a great area and I've learned so much. First training Elder Harrison (I've learned enough from him to last me the rest of my mission haha) and serving as district leader seeing the progress of our district. We have 6 people on date, it's amazing. And we're all really good friends. Not to mention growing spiritually each day. But the main thing I've learned here is that Jesus Christ really is with us in the work, on our left and right. He knows us personally and will comfort us when we need help.
I'm out of time!!! Until next Monday in a new area and with a new companion! Love you all!!!!!!!!

с любовью,
Старейшина Каун
Украинская Донецкая Миссия

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