Monday, May 13, 2013

Only 26 Baptisms by June 30th

My dear Missionaries,
I resend you the letter that the Area Presidency sent this morning. Now you know who is leaving and who is coming as your new Mission President. Remember our goal till the end of June – 51 (we need only 26 baptisms in the coming 7 weeks) You probably read already my last e-mail regarding the new way to report progressing investigators On Date. With that in mind and anticipating One baptism of two On Date, we need to have 52 On Date. The good news is that this should be done during the next 4 weeks since the baptisms usually become true about three weeks after the investigator accepts to be baptized. Since we have 35 companionships we should try to have, in each companionship, 2 On Date (rated 7 > 10) by June 9th. You probably are saying ‘that is easy’; If you think, pray, visualize and teach families, 2 is even much easier. Dear missionaries, Be Smart, work with the church members and especially the District and Branch leaders. Now you have the lists of almost all of the active members. Their relatives and good friends are the Low Hanging Fruit that we want to bring to the church first. Contacting should continue if you don’t have planned lessons. 15 quality contacts per companionship per week will give you the basis for the baptisms that we are seeking. Remember D&C 4:4 The field is white, ready to harvest.
I testify that the Lord and His angels will be with every diligent and obedient companionship.
With love,
President Campero
7 May 2013
Dear Mission Presidents, Stake Presidents, and Area Seventy of the Europe East Area:
We are writing to inform you that President and Sister Vladimiro Campero of the Ukraine Donetsk Mission have been released from their service by the First Presidency as of July 1st of this year. President Campero has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and the Brethren have instructed him to devote his time, energy, and faith to fighting this cancer. This is a huge loss to all of us in Eastern Europe. There is no one more beloved than the Camperos. They have served admirably and effectively.
For your information, Brother Robert Lochhead, our Area Office of General Counsel (OGC), and his wife K'Lynn, have been called to preside over the Donetsk mission starting on July 1st. Brother Lochhead will be leaving the OGC office next week and will be replaced by Brent Belnap, who has been working with the Kirton and McConkie law firm in Salt Lake City for the last year. Brother Belnap has been consulting on EEA matters for the last several months and will be well apprised of the issues all of you are facing.
We thank, say goodbye, and wish well the Camperos, and let them know that they are in all of our prayers. We congratulate and welcome the Lochheads to their new role. We thank Brother Belnap for his willingness to assume this challenging and valuable assignment.
Europe East Area Presidency

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