Monday, May 28, 2012

Down to Donetsk!

Privet family!

Well as you can see from the title this week, I received my second transfer call and will be serving somewhere down in Donetsk. Crazy stuff! My transfer predictions went completely opposite. Elder Lambert is staying one more in Saltovka (his greenie area) and I am the one leaving. This means that Elder Lambert will serve in Saltovka for like 7 months. Very long time. That would be like me serving in Cold Mountain for one more than I did. He's pretty bummed that we're getting separated but that's life on the mission. I'm also pretty surprised but I know that wherever I go Heavenly Father already has it planned out for me and that it's where I'm supposed to serve next on my journey here. I heard some rumors that I might possibly serve in the office in Center Donetsk which would be way cool but we'll find out this Thursday at transfer meeting where I go exactly. My time with Elder Lambert has flown by. We've seen and done tons of stuff, I don't even know where to begin. But my main memories with Elder Lambert are just having a blast while still working hard everyday and being blessed to find and baptize Akbar. I feel that all of the companions I serve with are the right ones and that I learn what I need to from them at my time of need. It's awesome!

This past week I had two splits. The first one was with Elder Tadevosyan. He is from Armenia and knows only Armenian and Russian. We did a pretty crazy service project on the split and helped a non-member husband of a member move a huge chest of drawers from one apartment to their apartment. It was pretty crazy I don't know how else to explain it. He was drunk and yelling in Ukrainian the whole time and it weighed probably close to 200 pounds and we'd walk with it for about 30 seconds then rest then start again. I didn't understand anything going on haha. But at the end of it all we shared a little lesson with him and he wants to know more now about the Church so hopefully the other elders are able to meet with him. My other split was with Elder Smith, one of our zone leaders. We taught a first lesson to a contact and attended a baptism in center. A brother from Nigeria got baptized and it was a great service. Something that I learned from both of my splits is that it's really clear to me that only the gospel of Jesus Christ can truly bring happiness to us in life. I am grateful everyday for this opportunity to preach the gospel to people who are really in need of it and help them to enjoy the same happiness that I have.

We also had some great lessons with Akbar this past week. One of them was at a members house and we talked about temples and family history work. They showed us their visits to the Temple (they used to have to go to Freiberg Germany) and that is also where their daughter got married. They made a video of the wedding and it was just awesome to see that and be there with Akbar and explain why temples are so important. He wants to go to Kiev and we're trying to figure out how we'll get him there. He's doing good, we're just taking time to explain everything to him over and over. We were thinking that it wouldn't be easy for us if we all of a sudden converted to like Buddhsim or something haha so he's doing just fine.

Now for some tidbits/comments. I still can't believe that Brynn is basically graduated! That's awesome that she got so many awards and is having a good end to the school year. Be sure to send me pics when she graduates this Friday!!

I love you all so much! Have a great week and don't forget to blink because it will already be June... Almost one year ago I started my mission! The time has flown by! Keep on keepin' on and tell everyone I love them!

с любовью,
старейшина каун
украинская донецкая миссия

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