Monday, August 20, 2012

Where Did The Transfer Go?

Privet family!

Thanks for your emails, love and support from home, it really means a lot. I will start this email off with news about Vladimir - HE GOT THE PRIESTHOOD YESTERDAY! It was awesome, I'm excited for him. Now his home teachers need to start teaching him because the branch wants them to teach him the after baptism lessons, not us. We will probably help a little to start but the branch will teach him in the end. He's getting to know a few more members now so he's doing good. We're still trying to work with his wife and get the branch involved with her. I'll keep you informed as things happen. As far as the rest of our investigators, not a lot happened this past week with them because we weren't able to meet with them. No one seemed to have any time so we will be hoping and praying for some lessons this upcoming week. We met with a less-active family named the Dmirtenko's (I don't remember if I've written about them at all) They are an older couple and have stopped coming to church because of health reasons. They're really nice but just don't come so we're trying to get their home teachers over to them. We also met with Olya and Vitali, the English translators. They are an awesome family, probably my favorite one in the branch. (I'm sending a picture of us with them) We also visited the Grebnev family again, they are great. We're working with everyone we meet with to do their personal missionary plans. Some families are better than others at this but everyone is trying and seeing success.

Also this past week I went on two splits. The first was with Elder Bolingbroke, one of my zone leaders. We mainly just walked the streets while dropping by less-actives, we didn't have any lessons. We did receive a way cool contact so we'll see what happens with him. Elder Bolingbroke is from Layton and is in Elder Harrison's group so one transfer above me. He's an awesome missionary. My other split was with Elder Rooney, Elder Moss's companion. He is from California and is the oldest missionary in our district, two transfers above me. We taught a first lesson to a guy named Vladislav who was just in their phone and were able to put him on date, it was amazing! That's like one of the only times that's ever happened on my mission, putting someone on date the first lesson. So hopefully Rooney and Moss can start working with him more now and get him baptized. We also went finding on the streets as part of our split (we find everyday if you haven't figured that out haha) and got a few good contacts for them. Both splits were great this week.

Now for some comments/tidbits. I forgot to mention last week that transfer calls were coming out Friday. The time has already arrived again, it's crazy. Elder Harrison and Elder Robison both received calls in our district but everyone else is staying. SO this means that this Thursday I will get a new comp here in the office and that I will be the one who's supposed to know everything about the office haha. I'll be in the office for at least one more, but I suppose it's possible to be here for two more transfers so we'll see what happens. I think this has been my favorite district so far on my mission. We are all so close and have learned a lot together, it will be hard seeing two of us go but I'm certain that whoever comes here next transfer will fit in just fine. The Lord has everything worked out. This upcoming week 12 new greenies are coming into the mission which means 12 missionaries will be training, plus those who are already training. This means half the mission will be training next transfer, no joke! I am now one of the older missionaries here, it's really weird. As far as the Colemans go, the Hatches (previous senior couple) taught them everything they knew but we still try to answer questions they have as they're still new here in the office. The weather is getting cooler, definitely not as hot as it has been. And we were told that the water is OK to drink now so we don't have to buy our own anymore. Let's see, every third week in Priesthood they study the George Albert Smith manual so I've been hearing the lessons but I don't always understand everything. What I understand though is that President Smith was an awesome member missionary his whole life. After my mission I am planning on reading all of the teachings of the Prophets manuals and studying those. And Brynn, good luck this week with college! I'll be praying for you. I'm sure that you'll love it!

I love you all very much and continue to pray that all is well with you. Please send everyone my love and thank them for their support. Have a great week and keep on keepin' on!

с любовью,
Старейшина Каун
Украинская Донецкая Миссия

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